Revisions for the book “Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions, and Consciousness.”

1.  14-09-06: 8.0 Conclusion; rewrote last sentence

2.  14-09-09: 8.0 Conclusion; rewrote

3.  14-09-28: 1.0-8.0; major rewrite

4. 14-10-31: 1.0-8.0; finished 1st editing

5. 14-11-21: 5.0; added last paragraph

6. 15-01-29: 7.0; rewrote

7. 15-10-14: 1.0; rewrote introduction; changed email address

8. 15-11-02: 1.0-8.0; major editing (grammar issues, sentence construction)

9. 15-11-08: 1.0-8.0; rewrote section 4.0, 1.0-8.0 editing (grammar issues, sentence construction)

10. 15-11-12: 1.0-8.0; editing (grammar issues, some word structure)

11. 15-12-15: added section 9.0 Mental-Emotional Therapy

12. 15-12-21: rewrote section 9.0 Mental-Emotional Therapy

13. 15-12-25: 9.0; editing (grammar issues, sentence construction)

14. 17-01-28: completely rewrote paper to Cognitive-Emotional Therapy; A Personnel Experience

15. 17-02-21: editing of some sentence structure; name change to: Cognitive-Emotional Therapy; Emotions Regulating Cognition

16. 17-03-03: general editing, added to 1.0 Abstract

17. 17-03-04: general editing sections 1-6

18. 17-03-08: general editing sections 1&3

19. 17-03-13: rewrote/Section 7/ The Wisdom of Champions; Let Joy Reign

20. 17-03-17: general overall editing

20. 17-03-21: general overall editing/sentence structure, word usage/added word doc download

21. 17-03-26: Section 01-para 03; reworded with “healthy and successful”

22. 17-03-26: Section 01-para 03; reworded with “healthy,successful and environmentally adaptive”

23. 17-03-28: Section 01-para 07; reworded with “a third that inhibits or stops and freezes action.”

24. 17-04-16: Section 09-para 03; rewrote last paragraph

25. 17-05-02: added preface letter

26. 17-09-14: changed “emotions regulating cognition” to “emotions guiding cognition”

27. 2018-03-21: complete rewrite, changed name to “Symbiotic Psychology”

28. 2018-03-27a: added the Three Postulates of Symbiotic Psychology

29. 2018-03-27b: reformatted paper

30. 2018-04-01a-c: more general editing

31. 2018-07-10a-b:  general rewriting and editing, Sections 1-6

32. 2018-09-19a: removed “Be Your Own Super Hero” essay, reworked Abstract 1.0, some general editing

33. 2018-09-24 a-c: re-added “Be Your Own Super Hero” essay, also re-edited in ‘reptilian and mammalian modes of flight, fright, or freeze’

34. 2018-09-26a: changed wording in abstract; substituted F,F,F,  with a representation of reality

35. 2018-11-19a: re-added “Be Your Own Super Hero” essay, added Preface, Contents

35. 2018-11-22a: edited a couple words in Preface

36. 2018-12-05a-c: added Section 9.0 and Appendix: Hell on Earth (As Is Heaven): My Story, A Cognitive Reconstruction Between Emotions and Meditation

37. 2018-12-08a: rewrote Section 9.0

38. 2018-12-10a: edited 4 Postulates

39. 2018-12-30a,b:re-edited whole paper

40. 2019-01-21a: final edit

41. 2019-02-17: rewrote Section 7.6 The Wisdom of a Champion: Let Joy Reign

42. 2019-02-22: reorganized Section 7.6 The Wisdom of a Champion: Let Joy Reign

43. 2019-03-06: added Neuro-Linguistics-Programing and Centerness Therapy to appendix,  My Story

44. 2019-03-18: added ” or ignored” to phrase in Section6.2 Masking Neurological Processes

45. 2019-03-24a: added Emotions: The Linguistics of Science and Shakespeare

46: 2019-03-31a: Section 6.1 added “…any attempt to understand and effect the internal human environment…..”

47: 2019-03-03a: moved Escape from Alcatraz from Appendix to 4th letter, Dear Researchers.

48: 2019-04-04a: added “any attempt to understand and affect…” to Dear Researcher Letter.  plus added to nature of emotions- ‘and their biology’.

49: 2019-04-08a: added “to  Walk within God is to Walk within Joy”.

50: 2019-04-10a,b,c: added “and cognition” to “Dear Researchers” intro and “decisions made” after “deliberations”. Changed “Super Hero” to Superhero and “Tool Kit” to toolkit.

51: 2019-04-13a: added “and within any Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) based on a cognitive-emotional correlation.” in Shakespeare letter

52: 2019-04-13b,c: “super-hero” to superhero; section 3.0: “Or” to or.

53: 2019-04-21a: added subsection: “7.2 Trauma and Addiction Corrupting the Cognitive-Emotional Relationship”

54: 2019-05-01a: added letter: “Dear School Board Member”

55: 2019-05-08a: added letter: “Dear Athlete”, reformatted book by adding “Parts 1, 2, 3”

56: 2019-05-10a-b: edited beginning of “Dear Researcher” letter. edited “Dear Board of Education” letter

57: 2019-05-14a: edited “Dear Athlete” letter.

58: 2019-05-20b: added “Dear Student” letter

59: 2019-05-21a: edited “Dear Student” letter

60: 2019-07-16a: edited “Dear Student” and “Dear Athlete letters”; added “Do not fixate….”

61: 2019-07-18a: edited Table of Contents

62: 2019-07-19a: edited “Dear Student”

63: 2019-07-24a: general editing/cleaning up

64: 2019-08-04a: added letter: “Dear Friend”, added 5th Postulate: “Intention Calibrates Emotional Guidance”

65: 2019-08-06a: Renamed 5th Postulate: “Intent Gives Definition to Emotional Guidance” and refined its meaning

66: 2019-08-09a: general editing/rewording

67: 2019-08-15a: rewrote “Dear Board of Education”

68: 2019-08-17a,b: edited “Dear Board of Education”

69: 2019-08-29a: reordered “Letters”

70: 2019-10-10a: added “Public Awareness Announcement”

71: 2019-10-10b: Changed “My Story” to “Memoir” and added the farm life

72: 2019-10-20a,b: Edited PHAA and Memoir; added Forward

73: 2019-10-20c:  edited PHAA

74: 2019-10-23a:  edited PHAA

74: 2019-10-28a:  edited PHAA

75: 2019-11-10a: added “Dear Scientific Community”; general editing all around

76: 2019-11-10b,c,d: edited “Dear Scientific Community”

77: 2019-11-20a: changed; “neuro-networks/circuits”  to neural networks/circuits and physiological biochemistry to biochemical physiology

78: 2019-11-23a,b: added letters: “To Human Rights Activists”, “To Neuroimaging Researchers”; changed “Scientific Community” to “To Psychology/Linguistic Communities”.

79: 2019-11-26a;  edited “To Neuroimaging Researchers”

80:2019-11-26b,c; some general editing

81: 2019-12-05a: changed physiological biochemistry to biochemical physiology. Edited “Emotion/Feeling” definition.  General editing.

82: 2020-01-17a: added “Dear Psychological and Internal Medicine Communities.”  Edited Section7.2 Trauma and Addiction.

83: 2020-01-23a: Edited “Emotion and Feeling” definition

84: 2020-01-25a: general reformatting, removed “Perceived” from defining emotions as a “perceived effect”

85: 2020-02-28a: Added “Emotional Guidance Theory: Cognition as Cause and Emotions as Effect” and changed title of “Emotion and Feeling” definition to “Emotional Guidance Theory”.

86: 2020-02-28b: edited “Dear Athlete”

87: 2020-03-12a: find and change; “biochemical and physiological” to “biochemical/physiological” or to a “biochemical physiology”; added revision table

88: 2020-03-17a: added table and feeling good/bad significance to Emotion Guidance Theory

89: 2020-03-20a: edited Emotion Guidance Theory flow chart and text

90: 2020-03-21a: edited Emotion Guidance Theory flow chart

91: 2020-04-02a: rewrote Section 8: “Cognitive Emotional Therapy”

92: 2020-04-12a: re-wrote parts and added to “Emotional Guidance Theory”

93: 2020-04-15a: reformatted, added/edited to “Emotional Guidance Theory”, removed “said-same” from sentence structures.

94: 2020-04-22a: reformatted, added/edited to “Emotional Guidance Theory

95: 2020-04-26a: added Gross’s Cognitive control processes to EGT Process Flow Chart

96: 2020-05-20a: changed “Emotional Guidance Theory” to “Emotion-as-Effect Theory” – copyright issues.” Added to and edited “Emotions-as-Effect Theory: The Linguistic Semantics of Emotional vs. Cognitive Regulation.

97: 2020-05-20b: simple word edit in Emotions-as-Effect Theory

98: 2020-06-22a: inserted photo and bio-blurb on back page

99: 2020-07-01a: replaced Emotions-as-Effect Theory rev20-06-22a with edited (AJE) rev20-07-01a

100: 2020-07-09: replaced some “emotional guidance” with “emotions-as-effect” system, updated Table of Context page numbers

101: 2020-07-10a: added letters: “Dear Professor” and “Dear Dept. of Psychology”; added AJE editing of “Emotions-as-Effect” and “Memoir: My Story”; replaced “emotional guidance” with “emotional biofeedback” where appropriate.

102: 2020-07-16: added letter: “Dear Psychiatrist”

103: 2020-07-18s: reformatted book

104: 2020-07-22a: added “Dear Dept. of English Letter”

105: 2020-07-23a: added “All Content © Andrew O. Jackson. All Rights Reserved”

106: 2020-07-27a: added letters “Dear Reader” and “Dear Ctr. for E. I.”

107: 2020-07-28a: published by Symbiotic Psychology · P.O. Box 930153 · Verona, WI 53593 USA

108: 2020-07-30a: added context to Section 5: Psychological Therapy

109: 2020-08-02a: added letter “Dear Academic;” in Dedications and Acknowledgements “Jen and their “memoir therapy” class”

110: 2020-08-14a: added “vs. texts of the world’s religions” to “Dear Academic” letter; added copy right notation to Cognitive-Emotional Flow Process Chart.

111: 2020-08-14b: added “Note:” to “Dear Academic” letter.

112: 2020-08-18a: edited “Note:” and added “Justice…” phrase to “Dear Academic” letter

113: 2020-08-21a: edited: “Abstract” in Emotions-as-Effect Theory; body of “Dear Academic” letter

114: 2020-08-25a: edited: subject of “Dear Academic” letter

115: 2020-08-27a: edited: subject of “Dear Academic” letter

116: 2020-08-28a: edited: “Dear Academic” letter; Renamed “Memoir

117: 2020-08-31a: edited: “Dear Academic” letter