3.0 The Path to Wellness – Emotional Wisdom

For over a decade I was in and out of hospitals, miserable, depressed, manic, and wheeling from a whole range of different negative emotions. All this time I was also told that I had a “chemical imbalance” and needed medication. Well, if I was depressed or manic and I had a “chemical imbalance”, then when I felt better would my “chemical imbalance” be more of a “chemical in-balance”. That is, in the times when I felt a little better, was my bio-chemistry also a little better?  If that were the case, the key was to find out what feeling better was about.

In 1992 I started applying an idea of using my emotions to guide my behavior, especially to guide my mental behavior of what I was thinking, dreaming, imagining or even contemplating. It was very obvious to me that my emotions correlated to my mental activities. What now occurred to me was that my emotions must correlate with my mental activities and my bio-chemistry. I began to use my emotions to guide my mental activities and improve my “bio-chemical imbalances”. If a thought brought about an emotionally-negative response, I would make attempts to “eliminate the negative”. If a thought brought about an emotionally-positive response, I would make attempts to “accentuate the positive”. (Refer: appendix 01). This was the key to my recovery.