Erroneous Psychological and Pharmaceutical Therapeutic Methodologies

Since I began voicing my concerns over erroneous psychological and pharmaceutical therapeutic methodologies, over a million (MILLION) Americans have committed suicide, millions of other people have been put in incarcerating conditions that only amplify their psychological injuries, and mass shootings continue with no review of the psychological environments fostering all of these atrocities.  Lack of true academic questioning and review of psychological and pharmaceutical therapeutic practices within the USA is a true crime against humanity.

Any attempt to understand and affect the internal human environment must be taken with an understanding of the changing biochemical conditions of that environment as indicated by an evolved emotional neurocircuitry of the human body.

Have English speaking researchers’ core beliefs of emotions – which may have been linguistically molded from childhood through family interactions and in later years through reading literary works such as Dickens’s Great Expectations, Poe’s The Raven, and Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – impacted their current understanding and scientific research about emotions – and cognition? A shared cultural and linguistic development of core beliefs and conceptual understandings about emotions is required for young students to comprehend and follow the emotional twists and turns within these popular English literary works. This is readily apparent within the comprehension of the works by William Shakespeare.  Similar conceptions are further reinforced through the logic and reason within today’s scientific literature, research, and discussions involving emotions.

Emotions don’t change the body’s biology as modern psychology professes.

Emotions, one of the foundational pillars of psychological theory, are commonly conceived as aberrant and destructive forces which drive biological changes.  This website is an introduction to a new perspective which shows (1) that is a misconception of emotions and (2) that a corrected representation of emotions reveals their evolved biological role in the maintenance of individual

“Captain” Andrew Jackson 2nd in command, at the helm with “First Mate” Barbie Jackson in charge, at the fore on the jib, racing their E-Scow with crew Peggy and Charlie. Andrew at 66 is the youngest and Barbie at 71 is the oldest of team Avanti. (photo courtesy of Tim Stanton)

Emotions perceive the biological changes caused by cognition.

I propose that it is cognitive behavior that changes the body’s physiological biochemistry which consciousness is then perceiving as emotions.  Emotions don’t change the body’s biology as modern psychology professes.  Emotions perceive the biological changes caused by cognition.  This Mobius twist led to my cure and freedom from a debilitating mental illness.  I wrote Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions, and Consciousness so that everybody can empower themselves by understanding how emotions have evolved over millions of years to guide cognitive behavior for greater health, happiness, and well-being.

Not until the illusion of emotions is understood will the power of emotions be revealed.

The ideas I am proposing within my book are a departure from modern psychology’s belief in aberrant and destructive emotions. I wrote Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions, and Consciousness so people would understand that there are other answers to their emotional turmoil that modern psychology has failed to understand. My hope is that as you comprehend my words, current illusions about emotions will be lifted and you will understand emotions’ scientific significance through your own personal reflection and thereby understand any possible dogmatic bias of emotions that exists within scientific research and documentation as well as within any applied psychological and pharmaceutical therapy.

Andrew Jackson

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